MK Global Hospitality Group

Myca Ferrer

Senior Associate

Myca Ferrer is a global marketing and communications expert who has been connecting people and product through strategic communication for the last decade. As a Senior Associate with MK Global, Myca draws on his diverse experience in integrated marketing, sales and business development to create systems for brand development through cross channel strategies. Myca'sĀ innovative approach and ability to harness the power of digital networks to increases profits has also made his experience sought after. Myca has also developed and implemented cross channel marketing and public relations programs for various companies including Adidas, Ping Pong restaurants, and for non-for-profit organizations like Lifting Voices, serving in various roles for all including Head of Marketing for Ping Pong in the USA. Prior to his involvement with the above, Myca founded a successful online-based F&B retail business while studying at American University in Washington, DC where he received his degree in Finance and Marketing.